Which Are The Most #Hashtagged Cypriot Cities?

Which Are The Most #Hashtagged Cypriot Cities?

Did you know?

There are nearly 1.8 million pictures of Cyprus on Instagram!

Well, on second thought, that shouldn’t be so surprising. As Cyprus is blessed with spectacular natural beauties, it is impossible to resist capturing them with your camera to share them with your friends! Whether you are at the beach sunbathing or swimming in those amazing crystal clear waters or you are just enjoying an afternoon walk in the picturesque narrow streets of the capital, the island invites you to take pictures! The question now is, which city is the most photographed? We’ve scanned Instagram, the most popular visual social network, and we discovered the most hashtagged Cypriot cities! Are you eager to find out which one made it at the top of the list? Check below!


5. #Larnaca (& #Larnaka)- 101,280

Larnaca Cyprus

With approximately 101 thousand pictures on Instagram, Larnaca has easily made it in the top 5. Popular hashtags include Mackenzie beach, Finikoudes, Larnaca international airport and the wonderful salt lake!

4. #Nicosia – 133,850

Nicosia Cyprus

Cyprus’ capital has found itself at the 4th place. Nicosians seem to be proud of their city as they’ve managed to post more than 133 thousand pictures on the popular social network. Places in the old town of the capital, particularly Ledras Street, are extremely popular on Instagram!

3. #Paphos (& #Pafos) –  180,000

Paphos Cyprus

Paphos with passion! With nearly 180 thousand pictures, Paphos comes in the 3rd place. The historic Paphos castle, Akamas, the paradisiacal Blue Lagoon, Aphrodite’s Rock and Edro III Shipwreck are some of the most photographed places of the city.

2. #Limassol – 184,100

Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus’ most cosmopolitan city is the runner-up of this list! 184 thousand pictures of Limassol are found on Instagram. The beautiful Limassol Marina, Saripolou Square, Kourion and Molos are just some of the most popular places on the social network.

1. #AyiaNapa (& #AgiaNapa) – 290,000

Ayia Napa Cyprus

Surprise surprise! Ayia Napa has made it at the top of the list! With approximately 100 thousand pictures more than Limassol, the city has easily taken the number one spot! Both tourists and locals love photographing the gorgeous places of the town. In fact, around 290 thousand pictures of Ayia Napa are posted on Instagram! The famous Nissi Beach, the busy Ayia Napa Square, Cape Greco, the Natural Bridge and the spectacular Sea Caves have been photographed thousands of times already!


So, has your favourite city made it on the list?


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