The Ultimate Akamas Adventure

The Ultimate Akamas Adventure

Cyprus is not just about swimming and sunbathing at busy cosmopolitan beaches with a cocktail in your hands. It’s not just about the crazy nightlife in some of the popular bars and clubs of Ayia Napa, Larnaca or Limassol. Contrarily, Cyprus is an island blessed with all kinds of natural beauties worth to be explored. If you want to discover the wild and unspoiled side of the island, then you should certainly visit Akamas peninsula in Paphos district.

With an area of 230 square kilometres, Akamas peninsula is the northwest edge of Cyprus and it is divided into two mountain peaks. There are no asphalt roads crossing the area due to its mountainous nature. Thus, your journey there will be a bit more adventurous!

An abundance of flora and fauna, and a wide range of vulnerable species are endemic to Akamas, such as the Cyprus tulip, wild cyclamen, roses and orchids. The Green Turtle and Hawk’s Bill turtle are both endangered species which inhabit the area.

Therefore, if you are intrigued by nature, culture and biodiversity, Akamas Peninsula will leave you speechless.

Avakas Gorge

If you love hiking, Akamas will be your paradise. The peninsula has a number of beautiful trails and gorges with Avakas being the most popular. Follow the nature trail, walk along colourful flowers, green trees and a lovely brook while eventually reaching the gorge.


While approaching the gorge, you will witness mesmerizing high sheer cliffs which form a tunnel through which a stream runs.


What’s even more admirable at Avakas gorge, is the huge rock which is stuck between the two cliffs!




Next stop: Turtle Beach at Lara

If you are visiting Akamas, Lara beach should not be omitted from your plans. Even though the beach is relatively remote, you can still access it by car. However, you must drive for some miles on a bumpy dirt road before arriving, therefore some cars might not be suitable for this trip. The journey though is a magical experience that you wouldn’t want to miss! Note, that there are two Lara bays, the south and the north. The turtle beach is the northern one.

While driving, mountains, cliffs, coasts and small bays unravel in front of your eyes, leaving you with no other option but to admire and become one with nature.





Don’t be surprised or scared if you encounter wild horses approaching your vehicle! They are just friendly and this is their way to welcome you!


Before you arrive at the turtle beach, you might want to make a stop for a break and get yourself an iced beverage while enjoying some amazing views. You can do that at the restaurant located at the Southern bay of Lara (coming from Ayios Georgios in Peyia).



Now that you regained your energy it’s time to head to the turtle beach! Upon arrival, park you car at the top of the hill and follow the stairs down the coast.



You are finally there! Relax and enjoy this beautiful wild beach!


If you are lucky enough you might see the little turtles wandering around the soft sands. Alternatively, you might find them kept safe in the shelters built on the beach. Go check them out!


Latchi Port

On a different day, your next destination should be Latchi port where you can take the boat for a fantastic trip to Blue Lagoon.



The combination of the sea and mountains is just breathtaking!






Arriving at Blue Lagoon

After a short but beautiful journey filled with astonishing mountain and sea views, you finally arrive at your destination. It is one of the most popular places in Akamas and this is not random at all. This small bay has spectacular crystal clear waters that make swimming there an unforgettable experience! A picture is worth a thousand words, so let the pictures do the talking!





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