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Which Are The Most #Hashtagged Cypriot Cities?

Did you know? There are nearly 1.8 million pictures of Cyprus on Instagram! Well, on second thought, that shouldn’t be so surprising. As Cyprus is blessed with spectacular natural beauties, it is impossible to resist capturing them with your camera to share them with your friends! Whether you are at the beach sunbathing or swimming in […]

Meet the Camels

With 326 days of sunshine a year, and with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celcius during summer months, it’s surprising we don’t see any camels wandering around in the golden fields of Cyprus! Yes, we are not Egypt, but we are just a few miles apart, so that wouldn’t be so unusual right? However, we are […]

Beaching In Cyprus – 8 Of The Must Visit Beaches On The Island

Despite its small size, Cyprus has hundreds of beautiful beaches where you can swim in the cleanest waters in Europe. And this is official! According to the latest research from The European Environment Agency, the country with the cleanest waters in Europe is Cyprus, achieving excellent water quality! Additionally, Cyprus has 57 blue-flag awarded beaches, […]