Swimming In Cyprus – Where To Find The Most Crystal Clear Waters

Swimming In Cyprus – Where To Find The Most Crystal Clear Waters

August is officially here and heatwaves are striking one after the other! Do we really care? Well, not really when you can simply refresh yourself with a dive in the crystal clear waters of the island! As you are probably aware of it already, Cyprus is famous for its gorgeous beaches with their amazing transparent waters and golden sands. Proud of having the cleanest waters in Europe for the 10th year, you can be certain that swimming at the Cypriot coasts will be an unforgettable experience! Although there are countless areas on the island offering great beaches for swimming with clear blue waters, we’ve decided to pick up a few of them so that you know where to head off!


Starting with Protaras in Famagusta district, we’ve chosen 3 amazing beaches that will leave you speechless!

Sunrise Beach

Just WOW! Look at that! Crystal clear waters are guaranteed, not only at Sunrise Beach but in fact along the whole coastline. Don’t waste your time, just apply some sunscreen on your body and jump in the water!

Sunrise Beach  - Protaras - Cyprus

Fig Tree Bay

As one of Europe’s best beaches, you would immediately expect the obvious! Blessed with transparent turquoise waters, swimming and snorkelling at Fig Tree Bay is just magical!

Fig Tree Bay - Protaras -Cyprus


Here’s another shot taken just next to the beach! Is this heaven on earth?! See more from Fig Tree Bay.

Crystal Clear Waters - Protaras - Cyprus

Konnos Bay

Just look at the colour of the water! Fantastic isn’t it? It makes you want to jump off the plane and directly land in the water! Well, it doesn’t really sound like a bad idea if you are into base jumping! See more from Konnos Bay.

Konnos Bay - Protaras - Cyprus


Tip: There is another hidden bay next to Konnos beach when you follow the trail to Cyclops’ cave! That is a gorgeous rocky bay, with thousands of little pebbles on the shore and shallow transparent waters. Even though it is not an organized beach, you might enjoy swimming there if you prefer quietness and relaxation, as there are usually only a few swimmers enjoying the spot.


Pebbles transparent waters CYPRUS


Next town is the one and only Ayia Napa! Besides the crazy beach parties and the exciting nightlife this town offers, it also offers some of the most amazing beaches on the entire island! So, after a strong hangover you might find yourself waking up by the shore. It’s kind of like waking up in paradise!

Makronissos Beach

Unreal! This is just one of the 57 blue flag awarded beaches you can find in Cyprus! We guess the picture below doesn’t even make you question why it has been awarded! Right?

Makronissos Beach - Ayia Napa - Cyprus

Melissi Beach

This is a just a part of a long sandy coastline. Layers of shallow transparent waters allow you to see the sand below without any effort! Just lay on the soft sands and take a break from everything!

Ayia Napa beach - Melissi - Cyprus

Nissi Beach

This incredible beach is not only famous for its crazy beach parties but also for its wonderful crystal blue waters! Just look at the shadow of the jet ski in the water! It looks like it’s flying!

Nissi beach - Ayia Napa - Cyprus


Last but not least it’s the gorgeous Paphos! For this list, we’ve chosen the wild and unspoiled Akamas peninsula and particularly Blue Lagoon with its irresistible crystal waters!

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon attracts thousands of tourists and locals each summer. Its paradisiacal waters will simply mesmerise you! Diving there is a must if you are visiting Cyprus! You can only access the area by boat or by certain types of cars in case you prefer the mountain route. Learn more about Blue Lagoon and Akamas.

Blue Lagoon Akamas - Paphos Cyprus


If you enjoyed reading the article and you want to discover more of the amazing beaches of the island, make sure you check out these 8 must-visit beaches in Cyprus!