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Just Go Cyprus is an independent travel blog about Cyprus, aiming to unravel the island’s charms through a series of visual stories. Navigate yourself through a range of photographs, videos, travel guides and articles, and prepare to get inspired by Cyprus’ astonishing beauties.

What makes Just Go Cyprus unique is the fact that we share our own personal experiences through photographs and videos taken by our team. On Just Go Cyprus you will not find the typical articles you usually find in other travel websites. We are not here to just throw information that you can find elsewhere, but we are here to provide you with unique content that is always supported by strong visuals that tell a story. What you see and read on the blog is always authentic and genuine and we hope that it will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start exploring Cyprus!

Whether you are a tourist coming for holidays to encounter the bright sun and swim in the cleanest waters you can find in Europe or you are a local seeking to discover more treasures on the island, then you are at the right place!

Just Go Cyprus’ stories cover a variety of themes and topics, such as where you can find the best beaches on the island, suggestions on which archeological sites and attractions to visit, as well as delicious Cypriot food and drinks that you must try if you are lucky enough to be on the island!

So enough with the talking! Go on, read our stories, get inspired and start exploring Cyprus!