6 Things Associated With Summer In Cyprus

6 Things Associated With Summer In Cyprus

When recalling summers in Cyprus, sweet memories come to your mind. Hundreds of pleasant moments spent with family and friends make summers on the island so special. If we had to choose the most distinctive things associated with summers in Cyprus, these would be the following!


Sunrise beach Protaras Cyprus

Dah, what else! The gorgeous beaches of the island with their golden sands and crystal clear waters couldn’t be omitted from this list! Summer in Cyprus is all about picking up your friends and family and heading to your favourite beach to spend the day! The options are endless and distance is not a problem at all! Check out some of the best beaches on the island here.



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After a long day at the beach under the hot sun, despite the fact that you applied tonnes of sunscreen on your body, you’ll realise how red your skin colour is when you are finally back at your place and you look at yourself in the mirror! There is no way to avoid a tan (and why would you?) if you are in Cyprus. Just be careful and make sure you chill under your beach umbrella as you might get sunburned instead!


frape at the beach, Cyprus

The most popular iced beverage on the island during summer time is without a doubt Frape! You’ll see everyone chilling at coffee shops or sunbathing at the beach while enjoying this delicious iced coffee! It’s also a great way to keep you cool from summer heatwaves!


Veranda gathering

Summer is the season when everyone is no longer having dinner inside the house! A distinctive characteristic of summer in Cyprus is the veranda gatherings with family and friends in every house while chatting over good food and coffee till late hours.


Watermellon with Halloumi - Cyprus

Talking about veranda gatherings, watermelon with halloumi cheese is always on the table! Whether you are having it as a starter, side dish or even main dish, this combination is just mouthwatering! Finding a fresh watermelon couldn’t be easier. Street sellers are always standing with their trucks in main roads of the island, so after returning from the beach just pull over and buy yourself a couple of watermelons! Just don’t forget to get a halloumi as well from your nearest supermarket in order to enjoy this amazing delicacy.


Tranquil summer noons and nights are interrupted by the sweet characteristic song of cicadas. Their harmonious melodies will charm your days and nights while making your summers in Cyprus even more memorable.