12 Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus

12 Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus

If someone asked why Cyprus is a place worth visiting, we could easily give the answer “Simply because it’s an earthly paradise”! Despite its small size, Cyprus has astonishing natural beauties to admire and countless things to do, able to satisfy even the ones who are hard to please. Although we could create a never-ending list with hundreds of reasons someone should visit the island, we decided to keep it short and simple by including 12 of the most important reasons Cyprus is worth visiting!

1. Sunshine all year long

Fig Tree Bay - Protaras -Cyprus

With an average of 326 days of sunshine a year, we can easily say that the sun in Cyprus is taken for granted! Having a relatively warm climate throughout the year, and a really hot summer with temperatures rising to 40-something degrees, Cyprus is one of the hottest places in the world! If that’s not a reason to visit Cyprus then what is?

2. Delicious cuisine 


The island boasts a wide range of mouthwatering delicacies, delicious food and drinks. That’s why Cypriots eat non-stop! Similar to the healthy Mediterranean cuisine, Cyprus offers terrific dishes to its travelers. The famous Halloumi cheese which makes a great combination with fresh watermelon, Commandaria – which is the oldest wine in the world, Shoushouko sweet, Souvlakia, Sheftalia and Ofto kleftiko are just some of what you must try!

3. Gorgeous beaches

Konnos Bay - Protaras - Cyprus

No need to say much! You already know that Cyprus has amazing beaches! From sandy coasts to rocky bays and blue lagoons you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in heavenly places! Take a look!

4. The cleanest waters in Europe

Sunrise Beach  - Protaras - Cyprus

That’s right! Cyprus is proud of having the cleanest waters in Europe for 10 years! The European Environmental Agency has rewarded Cyprus with 100% excellent water quality! So, you know what to expect! If you’d like to know where to find the most crystal-clear waters on the island then check out our previous article.

5. Short distances

Cyprus highway

As a small island, Cyprus’ distances are relatively short. That means that you can travel from one city to the other even in 30 minutes while the longest distance might be around 3 hours by car. This gives you the chance to see and experience different parts of the island in a limited period of time!

6. Picturesque villages, green forests and mountains

Lefkara village Cyprus

Besides the great beaches, Cyprus is blessed with incredibly beautiful forests and mountains like Troodos, Macheras and Stavrovouni. Additionally, you can visit picturesque villages like Fikardou, Omodos and Lefkara to admire their unique architecture, meet the friendly locals and enjoy traditional delicacies!

7. Beach and snow on the same day

beach and snow Cyprus

That’s crazy, right? Believe it or not this happens in Cyprus! Even though it’s not a very usual phenomenon, during winter and early spring when there is snow in the mountains (Troodos or Macheras) the sun is shining by the sea! Many daring people enjoy the beach even in lower temperatures! As we mentioned above, the distances are short, so how about starting your day in the mountains with a snow fight and then head down to the beach for swimming?

 8. A richness of history and culture

Kourion Limassol Cyprus

If you are into history and you get excited about exploring a country’s past, then Cyprus will not let you down. Impressive archeological sites like the Ancient city Kingdom of Kourion in Limassol, Tombs of the Kings in Paphos and various museums in the rest of the cities will fill your days with joy! Additionally, the majestic Aphrodite’s rock in Paphos is one of the most popular attractions on the island. Make sure you include it in your plans!

9. Relaxing lifestyle

ledras street nicosia

Warm weather, wonderful beaches, great food and picturesque coffee shops around the island create a very relaxing environment, perfect to escape from your everyday routine. Forget about overcrowded cities and rush hours on the trains. If you are in Cyprus just grab a coffee and go for a walk, explore the island, have an ice-cream break and then sit at a tavern to enjoy fresh fish meze. Life at its best!

10. Exciting nightlife

Ayia Napa nightlife Cyprus

From the crazy parties in Ayia Napa, to the posh clubs in Limassol and to the best cocktail bars in Nicosia, Cyprus provides an exciting nightlife for locals and tourists with a variety of options for everybody. Whether you prefer spending your night at a more chill out place to hang out with your friends while enjoying a well-made mojito or you fancy dancing at a club by the sea, Cyprus will have you sorted!

11. Excellent hospitality –  Safe destination


Cyprus is considered as one of the safest destinations around the world. Travelers visiting Cyprus do not have to take any further precautions rather than the usual. People are always friendly and willing to help while the majority of Cypriots speak English so nothing can go wrong! Additionally, Cyprus has the most 5-star hotels in Europe (at a ratio of population). Thus, the options are endless!

12. One of the world’s best shipwreck dives


Did you know that Cyprus has a shipwreck called Zenobia just 10 minutes by boat from the Larnaca coast? Not only that, but it is considered as one of the best shipwreck dives in the world! So, if you are into diving, Zenobia has to go at the top of your bucket list!

So, do you agree with all the above? Feel free to share your opinion and provide additional reasons on why Cyprus is worth visiting!